“Casual” but unclassifiable.

The Cop.Copine story begins with two brothers, Alain and Léon, whose aim was to democratise fashion by making it accessible to all women wanting to play with trends and tear up the ready-to-wear rule book. And so, in 1986, a unique company was born, one that dared to be different and would go on to become a cult brand.

1973 : Alain and Léon found NED, a family-owned company which makes and sells women’s « ready-to-wear » fashions.

1986 : The two brothers create the brand Copain-Copine to offer a range of collections with a more creative, youthful and dynamic spirit. It’s a success !

1988 : Their first show-room opens in Paris.

1993 : Copain-Copine becomes cop.copine.

2007 : Further growth leads cop.copine to commission the construction of a new head office building on the edge of Paris.

2008 : Having committed to a retail approach, the brand consolidates its position with its own distribution network.

2016 : The brand cop.copine celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Cop.copine CATWALK video