Sleeveless multi-functional button up dress.  System features a satin-like upper with a sheer pleated skirt, ensuring the garment will have movement with the wearer's every step.  System comes with a removable light skirt for coverage and a removable sash to cinch the waist if the wearer chooses to.  This garment could also be worn without the skirt over pants or leggings as a dramatic top.  Buttons down the front allow the wearer to style as they choose, giving the wearer lots of styling possibilities. 

- Skirt underneath is short.  The bottom half of the pleated, flowy skirt will be sheer. 

- Slit in the front where the buttons end. 


Dress: 100% Polyester

Skirt underneath for coverage: 50% Lyocell, 50% Polyester

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