Our Story

Cop. Copine U.S. brings unmistakable cutting edge and urban style to the independent woman. Cop. Copine Paris, a creative impetus of over 30 years, is the inspiration behind the brand. Season after season, our clients have become veritable fans who patiently anticipate the launch of a new collection. 95% of the design and manufacturing process is done in Europe with careful attention given to detail and fabrics. This permits us to produce a clothing line of exceptional quality.

Through the efforts of the Cop. Copine Paris family and the U.S. owners, Cop. Copine U.S. opened its first stand-alone boutique at the prestigious Union Square location in San Francisco in August, 2009. Pasadena became the second host to this brand name in early 2016. The brandโ€™s goal is to have a limited number of stores in select major U.S. cities in the future. This is in keeping with the uniqueness of the collection and to preserve the ideal of no mass production.

Cop. Copine U.S. is simply one womanโ€™s vision. As a physician/surgeon, entrepreneur, humanitarian, artist and a visionary with a heart. The founder behind Cop. Copine U.S. has always expressed herself differently than the average physician. She believes a woman can be great at her profession without compromising her expression of self; whether through fashion or the gentleness of her spirit. A dedicated customer of Cop. Copine for nearly 15 years, she knew that if Cop. Copine could make her happy given all of her demands, it could make other U.S. women happy as well.

In addition, Cop. Copine U.S. has altruistic goals that it will endeavor to achieve as it gets more established within the U.S. fashion world.