Always bold, sometimes offbeat, never basic!

cop.copine is one of the last fashion houses part of the medium price market to have its own workshop and is proud to keep endangered craftmanship techniques alive.


To preserve the brand’s enduring focus on craftsmanship and authenticity, the Cop.Copine collections are all designed at the Romainville studio in France

The «petites mains» of the workshop breathe form and life into the designs provided by the stylists. Moulding, pattern-making, cutting and assembly are their rituals,tirelessly repeated with passion, care and discipline, right up to the testing and finalisation of the designs.

This is what Cop.Copine is all about – bringing a little bit of soul to every stage of the design process.

Made-to-measure clothing is not the prerogative of haute couture. Women come in all shapes and sizes and Cop.Copine takes this into account at every stage of the creative process to come up with clever designs that flatter their natural curves – not just hour-glass figures, but rounded hips too. Straight and boyish, curvy or willowy, Cop.Copine has something for every woman.